the city talks back

Tom Western

Παγκόσμια Ηχώ

Παγκόσμια Ηχώ | Echos-Monde | The World is Echo

This piece is a remapping of Athens. It finds its cartography through an imagined conversation between two poets – Édouard Glissant and Nicolas Calas – who both think in circles and circulations, and make a musical language that sounds out the rhythms and relations of struggle. From this imaginary, an Athens emerges that sings long histories of movement, encounter, exchange.

It consists of three videos. Part One, Η Πάλη Η Πόλη (The Struggle The City), finds Athens as an echo: a place that is everywhere and contains everywhere within itself. Part Two is a collective reading of Calas’s poem Στρογγυλή Συμφωνία (Circular Symphony). Part Three, Σαν Τόσους Πολλούς Χορούς (Like So Many Dances), makes an open circle and an open city, and new forms of citizenship built on shared resistance and commonality.