the city talks back

John Bingham-Hall

Staging Vocalities

From stadiums to tiktok challenges, drunken singalongs to operatic lament, the merging of city sounds and technologies with song, or a lone voice that sings through the silence, music stages voices in different kinds of collectivity. This show explores the seductiveness, the collective madness and the power dynamics of song through its vocal configurations and relationships to the architectural spaces that stage them.


Magic System – “Magic is in the Air” (2014)

The Beatles at Shea Stadium (Youtube video)

Unknown Artist – Chants from the Greek Orthodox Liturgy

The Knife – Heartbeats (2003)

Emeka Ogboh, Ilpo – Lagos State of Mind (2016)

ROSALÍA – DE AQUÍ NO SALES: Cap 4 (Disputa) (2018)

SOPHIE – Faceshopping (2018)

Chop Daily, Eugy – My Touch

Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis – Suiren (1989)

MHYSA – Glory Be Black (2017)

Alvin Lucier, Simone Conforti – I Am Sitting in a Room (1969)

Henry Purcell (rec. Jessye Norman & English Chamber Orchestra) – Thy Hand Belinda (1689)